New Year – gains over the festive period

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. This is mainly due to how ridiculously busy work, training and family have all been. I’m going to focus a little on how I managed to fit it all in while still sticking to the training plan. The first video is a roundup taken on new years day. Following that there’s more on how I fit things in and a little bit about the equipment I use to make it easy to actually get out on the trainer. I’ll talk about booking my first challenge of the year and my experience Zwift racing.

Year roundup and looking ahead

How we make things work

First things first, I knew it was going to be a busy time for the family as we were taking a weekend break to celebrate my eldest’s birthday in Disney Paris. I also had numerous work parties, dinner etc… So I spoke to my coach and she worked my training sessions around all this. For example, on the day of my work Christmas party I did an hour on the turbo in the morning and rested the next day. It hasn’t been easy but I have had to be determined to stick to the plan.
A few family shots from December 2016

Here’s a little video of me talking about how I fit my sessions in during the festive period 


I actually managed to finish the workout well, here is a snapshot.



A video about my setup and some words on why it’s useful to have a convenient setup

Paris Roubaix booked!

So I’ve booked my first challenge of the year. I managed to have a nice long chat with Alex about his experience of the pro race. He didn’t fill me with confidence but genuinely gave me some solid advice on how to deal with the race. I’ll be working with my coach on the specifics. Part of that was experiencing cylcocross for the first time, in short I was terrible! I came off pretty hard but loved it!

Some detail on the sessions

I don’t normally do this but I wanted to give a little insight into the progress I’m making on some of the threshold sessions. As you can see week on week we are spending more time adobe FTP eventually hitting 40 mins at around threshold. I did my first Zwift race , which I loved and see as a great alternative to any over and under session. I feel much stronger and feedback has been great, we now move on to strength building!
This is me after a threshold session explaining how it worked and its impact.


Zwift Racing

Here is a little video of my thoughts on my Zwift race as well as a screen grab of the data so you can see for yourself how it panned out.



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