This is designed to be a blog about finding time, not just to cycle but to improve with a busy family and professional life.

I plan to keep each post relatively short and to the point (apart from this intro). I’ll use video as much as possible as I believe this is a good way of getting you an update quickly.

I’m 32, have a young family, 2 girls; Ela & Aria (3 years & 5 months), my wife Colette, a dog called Honey and a cat called Beedy. I work full time for LinkedIn in a job that I love, you’ll see a few references in future posts.

I love my family, my job and cycling. This blog will focus on the latter of these things. I’m sure there are many people in my shoes desperately wanting to get better at a something they love whilst balancing work and family, usually one of those things suffers.

Last month I met up with Alex Dowsett, a bit of a legend in the Essex cycling community (link to his bio here). We were putting out a joint post on LinkedIn about his life as a pro cyclist and how cycling is becoming the new golf. The process got me thinking about how I spend my time cycling. Golfers often use a coach to get the most out of their time on the green, why is cycling any different? Alex put me in touch with his performance director at his coaching company Cyclism. This blog wont be a technical breakdown of the coaching methods but more an account of the results and how I make it work with all my other commitments.

I guess I’m putting myself out there a little as I have no idea if I’ll progress at all. Success for me may not match up to your idea of success. However I think there are valuable lessons to be learnt on how I look to achieve the balance.

I’ll try and mix things up with some guest blog appearances and a few kit reviews.

I hope you enjoy.