Week 1 Review + Footage of me hurting

I managed to get through week one without any huge problems, all workouts done in the evenings using very much the same scheduling as the last post I did. The real challenge came from doing workouts I’ve never done before and trusting a coach with my schedule. These were all power tests done to get a better understanding of my power profile. As you can see from some of the videos I’m posting, these efforts hurt like hell and a few times I haven’t been able to pace them correctly. There is also an element of back down to earth this week, i’ll let the summary video explain. Enjoy!


I think the summary speaks for itself in terms of what I found out and where we are headed from now. Below are some before and after videos from my sessions, a couple are particularly brutal. One of the sessions my daughter insisted on sitting in on! I guess that’s the bike life balance I’m working on.


The video below is probably me at my worst so far.


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