Day 1

So I started things off with a Sufferfest video at FTP of 255. Definitely lost some fitness after the holiday as toward the end I found this hard.. grinding at 55 rpm at 110% FTP at the end was pretty bad. It was The Way Out (not TGTTOS as the video suggests). Good workout, not as horrid as Sufferfest can get but certainly builds to a challenge. (I didn’t have the hoody on all the way, just for the cool down)

To give you an idea of how I made this work with the family. I made the 3 year old dinner while the wife put the baby to bed, while she was eating we had our nursery debrief, story then bedtime. Quick dinner with wife. This was a lean organic grass fed steak fried in coconut oil, with steamed greens, peppers, figs and avocado. We had a hot drink and caught up while my food digested. On the turbo for 9.30pm. The trick is not to waste time with TV.

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